Customise Your Breakroom with Self-Checkout Markets, Smart Vending, Dining, and Office Coffee Solutions.

Attracting and retaining top talent in today's competitive environment calls for providing innovative, flexible employee benefits and attractive company culture. UKConnect® is your partner in achieving all of these essential functions through the most popular employee benefit in the market: on-demand fresh food, snacks, and drinks. From having an exceptional selection to getting exactly what they want, when and where they want, your associates will enjoy best-in-class workplace food and refreshments. And you? You'll enjoy increased productivity, higher morale, and an excellent benefit to assist with recruiting and retention.

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Micro Markets

The ultimate in breakroom convenience and selection! Our contactless, self-checkout markets offer fresh food, popular snacks, and drinks on demand for quick, easy meals and snacks on the go! MORE

Dining & Catering

Who says you can't have amazing dining experiences at work? Our dining services provide restaurant-quality cuisine on-site to fuel cameraderie and collaboration for your team. MORE

Smart Vending

Enjoy a wide range of favorite snacks and refreshments, 24x7– always stocked, fresh and accessible through our contactless vending machines. Mobile payment options and rewards with every loyalty purchase make our vending solutions the most safe and convenient option for food on the go! MORE

Office Snacks & Pantry

Nothing is more appreciated than employer-provided snacks. Our pantry services enable you to offer snacks, coffee and drinks to your team compliments of the company, without having to manage or maintain stocking. MORE

Office Coffee Solutions

Transform your office coffee services from ordinary to extraordinary! Our office coffee solutions and cafes boost morale and improve collaboration! MORE

Contactless Solutions

The safety of our customers is one of our highest priorities, which is why we have pioneered our own contactless solutions in our vending and breakroom services. MORE

Enjoy Safe, Contactless Self-Checkout

Contactless Breakroom Options
Self checkout micro market
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We'll meet with you to create a plan based on your needs.

We've got options for every company and budget! We'll learn more about your business and team, and propose tailored solutions to serve them.

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We'll agree on next steps and schedule installation when you're ready.

It really is that easy! We are focused on helping you elevate your associate experience, and will make it an easy, streamlined process to work with us!

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Transform your breakroom with fresh food, contactless markets, vending, and office coffee services with UKConnect!

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